Kin Marché Kinshasa

This is a great Supermarket. I mean great, because for once, I felt I was paying almost the value of its price and not 200% more!! Kin Marché of Kinshasa has a large choice of european products: pasta, mayonnaise, ice-creams, cans of tuna, pizza, chips,  drinks… There is DON SIMON red wine for 2300 CF … More Kin Marché Kinshasa

Gekko´s Sushi

This was a real surprise for me: To learn that you can find Sushi in Kinshasa! Apparently, there are a few places where you can eat Sushi, but I had to start with one: Gekko´s Sushi Restaurant. Gekko´s is a Japanese, French, Fusion, Bistro with a large variety of dishes in its menu. This means that if … More Gekko´s Sushi

Eric Kayser

Eric Kayser is a Patisserie – Boulangerie – Cafe which  “was born” in the 90s in Paris. It soon spread ALL around the world: Colombia, Korea, Japan, Lebanon, Thailand…and of course Democratic Republic of Congo… Why not? We have one in Kinshasa! If you want to know more about their history, please read their website, … More Eric Kayser

ELÄIS Kinshasa

Even though it has other advantages and disadvantages…I think I found the competition to La Maison de France! ELÄIS Kinshasa is a Hotel and a Social club with a beautiful swimming pool (the nicest pool in Kinshasa), four tennis courts, a basketball court, fitness, two squash courts, two bowling courts and two restaurants. Moreover, it … More ELÄIS Kinshasa

Goat meat

Certain African peoples have kept cattle since ancient times. Keeping cattle may have begun in the Rift Valley of Kenya and Tanzania in the 1st millennium BC and spread to RDC and of course, came to Kinshasa… also long, long time ago! So we went last night to try marinated goat meat for first time! … More Goat meat


A stressful day of work, a long day playing golf ;), a typical traffic jam in the Boulevard 30 Juin… any of these are great excuses to get a massage in Kinshasa. I have discover a few great contacts that can help you relax! MAMAM LYLY Mamam LYLY comes to your house and makes you … More Massage


Mediatèque Floribert Chebeya If you want to rent books or DVD´s , study or read international newspapers or magazines, then you should go to the Mediatèque Floribert Chebeya. You can find the Mediatèque Floribert Chebeya in the Halle de La Gombe, in the Institut Français de Kinshasa. You can become a member by paying 15$ per year (10$ … More Mediathèques


Looking for Western products? Shoprite, the largest supermarket group on the African continent has one supermarket in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), and of course, you can find it in Kinshasa! Considered as a world-class supermarket, it brings most South African products to the Congolese market, as these products are much more affordable … More Shoprite

Lac de ma Vallee

This weekend I felt like taking my husband and little ones for a trip into the nature. So I asked people where to go, and I found the place I was looking for! With the help of the driver, we were in the car early on Saturday morning on our way to the Lac de … More Lac de ma Vallee

Beer in RDC

Beer is a sacred product for many cultures, but for Belges and Congolese people, even more ! I have noticed, that it is of the products that Congolese people drink the most, no matter whether they have more or less money ! There are many kinds of Congolese beer, but the one I love the most is … More Beer in RDC