If you like to play tennis and you are coming to Kinshasa… then bring a racket! There are a few places in Kinshasa to play tennis. In most of them, you need to become a member of such places to be able to play freely. Let me show you the three places I know: (if … More Tennis

Madame Emilio shop

If you do not have time to go to Orca or you want something else a part from Amelie Kaiser´s accessories… If you need to buy some bed-sheets, towels, china, trays… this is your shop! I am sure you have seen it. Just next to the groceries store Shoprite, you can find Madame Emilio! Madame Emilio opened its … More Madame Emilio shop

The American School of Kinshasa TASOK

TASOK has been providing a high quality American education to English speaking students in Kinshasa since 1961. For over 30 years, TASOK has been accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools and offers a first world quality education comparable to suburban schools in the US. Purpose-built facilities include separate facilities for PE, … More The American School of Kinshasa TASOK

Maayan – Acupuncturist & Shiatsu in Kinshasa

As most of you know, acupuncture is a medical treatment conducted with thin needles which are strategically placed on the body. This Asian Medicine has been shown to be effective for a wide range of conditions (chronic and acute) such as: back pain, neck pain, allergies, insomnia, headaches, migraines, arthritis, stress, injuries and respiratory problems. … More Maayan – Acupuncturist & Shiatsu in Kinshasa

Crystal Residence

Prices in Kinshasa for accommodation are high. If you want to live in la Gombe, with electricity, internet and water, you pay its price! I have not yet seen or heard of any decent appartment with two bed-rooms for less than 2000$. And if you have, please let me know!!! Crystal Residence is premium residence located … More Crystal Residence

Papa Emmanuel Workshop/Atelier (Kids from 1´5 to 5 years old)

Papa Emanuel has created a great Universe for children from 1´5  to 5 years old in La Maison de France. The atelier takes place every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 15pm to 17pm. Children enjoy dancing, playing, painting, singing or reading with their favourite clown called Papa Emmanuel! Price? If you are a member … More Papa Emmanuel Workshop/Atelier (Kids from 1´5 to 5 years old)

The Nail Bar

Do you want to feel like a princess for a day? ( a morning or an afternoon!), then you better try this place! Welcome to “TNB” The Nail Bar of Kinshasa! I have tried other places to do my nails and hair in Kinshasa, (Bliss Salon and La Bella Salon), but I have to recognise … More The Nail Bar

UTEX Africa Restaurant

For those living or having friends in UTEX AFRICA, the Restaurant located in the pool is a great place to discover! Nevertheless, I have to highlight that if you do not live in UTEX, you cannot come unless you are accompanied by a member. They have a wide variety of Western, Belgium, Asian and African dishes: salads, … More UTEX Africa Restaurant

Got a place to live… No washing machine? You need a cleaning lady!

In my post about coming to Kinshasa with family and needing a Nanny, I forgot to mention another important asset in the life of a family when coming here: a cleaning lady! If you…do not to have children: then you can clean yourself 😉 or your spouse! or get someone to come a few hours a … More Got a place to live… No washing machine? You need a cleaning lady!