Yoghurt Tantine Bibi

I had lunch this weekend with my congolese family. I ate really well: chicken, fish, chikwangue, fufu, fried plantains and rice, not bad, eh? 😉 But then, surprisedly, for first time in my history of Kinshasa, Tantine Bibi had made a dessert!!! Please believe me when I say that it was one of the nicest desserts … More Yoghurt Tantine Bibi


JAMELIA Bar & Kitchen is the trendy spot for going out in Kinshasa, have a beer, a cocktail or a glass of wine… You will find the expats and Congolese “bobos” in this place with underground style. What surprised me the most about JAMELIA Bar in Kinshasa was to see how much they have done … More JAMELIA

Chicken in Peanut-Tomato Sauce / Poulet sauce arachides

If you are coming to RDC for sometime, you cannot miss this dish! Chicken with peanuts is a classic! you eat it with plain rice and banana plantain and it is delicious! Ingredients: oil (or any cooking oil) one chicken (for the gourmet version, four to six chicken breasts) cut into bite-sized or serving-sized pieces … More Chicken in Peanut-Tomato Sauce / Poulet sauce arachides

Jewels International Kindergarten & School of Kinshasa

For all those new arrivals in Kinshasa, please do not panic if you are coming with children, because, there are many good schools in Kinshasa! Jewels International School of Kinshasa (JISK) is a private school which was founded in 1972 due to the demand of families who wanted affordable, quality English education. The new school … More Jewels International Kindergarten & School of Kinshasa

NGOMBE Butcher / Boucherie – Charcuterie (Where to buy meat)

If you are a new arrival in Kinshasa and you want to do your first BBQ, then visit this place! The Butcher´s shop NGOMBE is a new place own by a Belgium where you can buy meat: sausages, chicken, beef, cow, brochettes, mince… They also have farm eggs and honey! I felt that the prices … More NGOMBE Butcher / Boucherie – Charcuterie (Where to buy meat)


Karate in Kinshasa and in the rest of the world, is a great sport for making children disciplined. The heat and the lack of places to run may make your child a bit nervous or on the contrary, a bit tired or slow. This is the reason why doing Karate is a great option for … More Karate

This people earn 100$

Most of you (and us), expats coming to Kinshasa, work for NGOs, huge International Organisations like UN, UNICEF, Safe the Children, Caritas, Red Cross or work for private companies with nice perspectives. Some of you coordinate projects for fighting desnutrition, poverty, schooling… You are experts in water and sanitation, humanitarian aid, war and conflicts, women´s … More This people earn 100$

Busy Bees – English Kinder-garden/ Crèche

There are many nursery / kinder-gardens in Kinshasa. However, not many of them are English-speaking. So, if you are anglophone or you want to your children to learn English from the very beginning, this is a fantastic choice. Busy Bees is an English-speaking nursery/ kinder-garden/ crèche for 2-5 year-old children located in the centre of … More Busy Bees – English Kinder-garden/ Crèche