THANK YOU 2015 from Viva Kinshasa

I would like to thank all of you for these last months of VivaKinshasa.

Since I started writing in August 2015 I have had 20.000 views and more than 5.300 visitors. Thank you all!!

VivaKinshasa has been a personal and collective project for me and my family, for all the crazy ones who have decided to leave their home countries for living in Kinshasa and for all those Congolese people who are abroad and want to read what is happening in their hometown.

Kinshasa is not a pretty city. Kinshasa is difficult. Kinshasa IS EXPENSIVE. Nothing is certain in Kinshasa. Living in Kinshasa is not easy. There is no cinema. There are no parks. Traffic is awful. Western food is difficult to find…

I have learnt how difficult it can be for some people to live in Kinshasa, specially for those earning 100$

But we like it here! We like to survive in Kinshasa! I like to discover Kinshasa and show the world the good sights of it.

I have met fantastic people. People who work hard  in NGOs or International Organisations with projects which aims are basically helping others.

But also entrepreneurs who believe that the numerical “era” is coming soon in the DRC and for instance, in Kinshasa. Thank you Café Numérique!

There are many people who believe in Kinshasa. People who are investing and creating nice restaurants with high standards like A Casa Mia or proper shops like Orca. Thank you.

What do I ask 2016 for Kinshasa?

I wish 2016 becomes a year of opportunities  and stability for national and international investors and I hope deeply that the situation becomes a little bit less harder for people living away from la Gombe in Kinshasa.

Last but not least, I would like to inform you all that VivaKinshasa will have to stop for the following weeks.

To be continued… in 2016, I hope.

Viva Kinshasa!


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