Café Numérique in Kinshasa

Kinshasa and the DRC become digital. That is why, a group of Congolese people have started this great and fantastic movement for the future of DRC and Africa: Café Numérique.

The goal of Café Numérique is to gather people in Kinshasa who are interested in digital technologies. People talk and put in commun  multimedia innovations relevant for the city, the country and the continent. As they say, the story to share, its e-broth culture!

Café Numérique is positioned as a place of exchange, communication and information on current and future digital developments, as well as design, arts, the education, housing, an/or entertainment.

How does it happen? They  meet twice per month on a Saturday morning. It starts at 10 am. It is open to anyone who may have some interest to listen and share the topic.

Kinshasa is really spirited move, do not forget about  that!


Viva Kinshasa!

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