Discovering Kinshasa

Hola a todos! Bonjour à tous! Hello! Mbote!

Welcome to “La Cité du Fleuve” – River City, or “the new Manhattan“!

I have created this blog called “Viva Kinshasa” after realising when I googled Kinshasa for first time, that there was nothing in internet that could inform me about living in Kinshasa.

When I knew I was coming to Kinshasa, I needed to find information about accommodation, schools, hospitals, restaurants, shopping… and even though we are in 2015, the only way I found answers was asking friends of friends who where already here!

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Kinshasa is the capital of the Republic Democratic of Congo.  RDC used to be the colony of Belgium until 1960 and today, “the city” has around 14 million habitants.

As other African cities, Kinshasa is full of contrasts: On the one hand, the minimum salary is 335 Congolese francs (3$ or 3,5 euros) per day, but then, on the other hand, there is a growing consumer class, as well as very, very, very rich people.

A part from many Belges, expats from all around the world ( EU, China, Lebanon, USA..) come to Kinshasa to work for United Nations ( MONUSCO, UNICEF, ECHO, WHO…), NGOs, Hotels, Banks, Telecom companies…etc. For most of them “the beginning is not easy” because it is difficult to find information and you have to get used to the culture of the country.

This is the reason why I starting blogging. I want to make life easier for people coming to Kinshasa. I want to help you discover the best spots to make this city a great place to live and visit!

I am happy to show you around all the places I will discover, and look forward to your comments and suggestions!

Viva Kinshasa!

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18 thoughts on “Discovering Kinshasa

  1. Hola Laura, es tu amiga puertorriquena Vivianne. Esto no es un blog – esto es un website hecho y derecho. Muy buena idea y muy bien hecho. Felicitaciones – esta muy lindo!


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  2. Muito util para todos os que visitam ou vivem no Congo! E alarga horizontes e sonhos daqueles que se encontram noutros continentes !
    Para ficar com ganas de conhecer esse maravilhoso pais. Um beijinho, Sandra

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