Iberdanza – Iberical Dance

Iberia! Jamón Iberico! IBER-DANZA! As part of its program of cultural activities in 2016, the Spanish Embassy announces the presentation of contemporary dance group “Iberdanza”. When will it take place? It will occur Friday, April 22 at 19.00 at the Halle de la Gombe (French Institute ) at the Kinshasa International dance Festival Viva Kinshasa!

The Académie des Beaux-Arts (ABA) – Fine Arts Academy

After some time in Kinshasa, nobody has told me about this place. Every one knows that there is a Fine Arts Academy, but so far, none has convinced me to go there. However, I was impressed when I visited it! I recommend it fully! L´ Académie des Beaux-Arts  – Fine Arts Academy of Kinshasa is … More The Académie des Beaux-Arts (ABA) – Fine Arts Academy

Learn Lingala

Even though French is spoken by most of Congolese people in Kinshasa, Lingala is the first language of many of the residents of “the city“. It’s spoken by the nounous (baby sitters), cleaning ladies, drivers, at work, in shops and in restaurants. It’s used in the songs played on the radio and in the clubs. … More Learn Lingala


Mediatèque Floribert Chebeya If you want to rent books or DVD´s , study or read international newspapers or magazines, then you should go to the Mediatèque Floribert Chebeya. You can find the Mediatèque Floribert Chebeya in the Halle de La Gombe, in the Institut Français de Kinshasa. You can become a member by paying 15$ per year (10$ … More Mediathèques

Lac de ma Vallee

This weekend I felt like taking my husband and little ones for a trip into the nature. So I asked people where to go, and I found the place I was looking for! With the help of the driver, we were in the car early on Saturday morning on our way to the Lac de … More Lac de ma Vallee