NGOMBE Butcher / Boucherie – Charcuterie (Where to buy meat)

If you are a new arrival in Kinshasa and you want to do your first BBQ, then visit this place! The Butcher´s shop NGOMBE is a new place own by a Belgium where you can buy meat: sausages, chicken, beef, cow, brochettes, mince… They also have farm eggs and honey! I felt that the prices … More NGOMBE Butcher / Boucherie – Charcuterie (Where to buy meat)

GALAXY Supermarché

Going groceries shopping in Kinshasa is complicated! You need to control a few grocery stores to know where to find best prices and the products you need. Apart from Hassan et Frères, Shoprite and Kin Market, I have found a big grocery store called GALAXY Supermarché with all kinds of stuff: food, clothes, furniture,  kitchen utensils… … More GALAXY Supermarché

Madame Emilio shop

If you do not have time to go to Orca or you want something else a part from Amelie Kaiser´s accessories… If you need to buy some bed-sheets, towels, china, trays… this is your shop! I am sure you have seen it. Just next to the groceries store Shoprite, you can find Madame Emilio! Madame Emilio opened its … More Madame Emilio shop

Amelie Kaiser accessories

There is no ZARA, H&M, Mango, Top Shop… in Kinshasa. But since 2015 there is… hand-made Amelie Kaiser accessories. For instance, in this magical “city”, where the sun shines and the heat becomes noticeable, women like to buy clothes and accessories to look beautiful! Why not offer a gift to a friend or to yourself also in Kinshasa? Amelie … More Amelie Kaiser accessories


I have already mentioned in other posts that there is no IKEA in Kinshasa: there is Delvaux and Papa Laurent…But, since June 2015, there is ORCA! ORCA is a six floors shop in Kinshasa where you can find EVERYTHING at reasonable prices. ORCA in Kinshasa has six floors: Ground floor: carpets, home decoration, wall murals, … More Orca

City Market

I have already written about some Grocery stores in Kinshasa such as: Hasson et Frères, Shoprite or Kin Marché. Nevertheless, City Market, which was opened in 1995 is “the“ grocery store of Kinshasa. Everyone knows it! You can get absolutely everything you may look for in this place: from pampers, yogurts, cheese, biscuits, international magazines, … More City Market

N´Ice cream SHOPRITE

With the high temperature in Kinshasa, I am sure you are craving for an ICE- CREAM. Well, there are a few places in Kinshasa where you can get an amazing ice-cream, and this is one of them! In addition to that, for the ones loving sugar, you can also get nutella crêpes,  sugar waffles, milkshakes…. … More N´Ice cream SHOPRITE