UTEX Africa Restaurant

For those living or having friends in UTEX AFRICA, the Restaurant located in the pool is a great place to discover! Nevertheless, I have to highlight that if you do not live in UTEX, you cannot come unless you are accompanied by a member. They have a wide variety of Western, Belgium, Asian and African dishes: salads, … More UTEX Africa Restaurant

Gekko´s Sushi

This was a real surprise for me: To learn that you can find Sushi in Kinshasa! Apparently, there are a few places where you can eat Sushi, but I had to start with one: Gekko´s Sushi Restaurant. Gekko´s is a Japanese, French, Fusion, Bistro with a large variety of dishes in its menu. This means that if … More Gekko´s Sushi

Le Mandarin

So, since we are in Kinshasa and we have the nounou on Fridays night to take care of our children, I told my husband to take me out for dinner ! And we went to Le Mandarin. Known as the best chinese restaurant in town, I have to say the the food we ate was really … More Le Mandarin