JAMELIA Bar & Kitchen is the trendy spot for going out in Kinshasa, have a beer, a cocktail or a glass of wine… You will find the expats and Congolese “bobos” in this place with underground style. What surprised me the most about JAMELIA Bar in Kinshasa was to see how much they have done … More JAMELIA

GALAXY Supermarché

Going groceries shopping in Kinshasa is complicated! You need to control a few grocery stores to know where to find best prices and the products you need. Apart from Hassan et Frères, Shoprite and Kin Market, I have found a big grocery store called GALAXY Supermarché with all kinds of stuff: food, clothes, furniture,  kitchen utensils… … More GALAXY Supermarché

UTEX Africa Restaurant

For those living or having friends in UTEX AFRICA, the Restaurant located in the pool is a great place to discover! Nevertheless, I have to highlight that if you do not live in UTEX, you cannot come unless you are accompanied by a member. They have a wide variety of Western, Belgium, Asian and African dishes: salads, … More UTEX Africa Restaurant

Kin Marché Kinshasa

This is a great Supermarket. I mean great, because for once, I felt I was paying almost the value of its price and not 200% more!! Kin Marché of Kinshasa has a large choice of european products: pasta, mayonnaise, ice-creams, cans of tuna, pizza, chips,  drinks… There is DON SIMON red wine for 2300 CF … More Kin Marché Kinshasa

ELÄIS Kinshasa

Even though it has other advantages and disadvantages…I think I found the competition to La Maison de France! ELÄIS Kinshasa is a Hotel and a Social club with a beautiful swimming pool (the nicest pool in Kinshasa), four tennis courts, a basketball court, fitness, two squash courts, two bowling courts and two restaurants. Moreover, it … More ELÄIS Kinshasa


Looking for Western products? Shoprite, the largest supermarket group on the African continent has one supermarket in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), and of course, you can find it in Kinshasa! Considered as a world-class supermarket, it brings most South African products to the Congolese market, as these products are much more affordable … More Shoprite

Beer in RDC

Beer is a sacred product for many cultures, but for Belges and Congolese people, even more ! I have noticed, that it is of the products that Congolese people drink the most, no matter whether they have more or less money ! There are many kinds of Congolese beer, but the one I love the most is … More Beer in RDC

Cha Cha Bar

Cha Cha Bar is one of the coolest terraces in Kinshasa. Located in the 8th floor of a building, it allows you, afternoon and night to enjoy the Congo River view with a nice Gin&Tonic, Cocktail or Beer. It is one of the “must” places that everyone (who can afford it) shall visit in Kinshasa. … More Cha Cha Bar