NGOMBE Butcher / Boucherie – Charcuterie (Where to buy meat)

If you are a new arrival in Kinshasa and you want to do your first BBQ, then visit this place! The Butcher´s shop NGOMBE is a new place own by a Belgium where you can buy meat: sausages, chicken, beef, cow, brochettes, mince… They also have farm eggs and honey! I felt that the prices … More NGOMBE Butcher / Boucherie – Charcuterie (Where to buy meat)

GALAXY Supermarché

Going groceries shopping in Kinshasa is complicated! You need to control a few grocery stores to know where to find best prices and the products you need. Apart from Hassan et Frères, Shoprite and Kin Market, I have found a big grocery store called GALAXY Supermarché with all kinds of stuff: food, clothes, furniture,  kitchen utensils… … More GALAXY Supermarché

City Market

I have already written about some Grocery stores in Kinshasa such as: Hasson et Frères, Shoprite or Kin Marché. Nevertheless, City Market, which was opened in 1995 is “the“ grocery store of Kinshasa. Everyone knows it! You can get absolutely everything you may look for in this place: from pampers, yogurts, cheese, biscuits, international magazines, … More City Market

Kin Marché Kinshasa

This is a great Supermarket. I mean great, because for once, I felt I was paying almost the value of its price and not 200% more!! Kin Marché of Kinshasa has a large choice of european products: pasta, mayonnaise, ice-creams, cans of tuna, pizza, chips,  drinks… There is DON SIMON red wine for 2300 CF … More Kin Marché Kinshasa

Goat meat

Certain African peoples have kept cattle since ancient times. Keeping cattle may have begun in the Rift Valley of Kenya and Tanzania in the 1st millennium BC and spread to RDC and of course, came to Kinshasa… also long, long time ago! So we went last night to try marinated goat meat for first time! … More Goat meat


Looking for Western products? Shoprite, the largest supermarket group on the African continent has one supermarket in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), and of course, you can find it in Kinshasa! Considered as a world-class supermarket, it brings most South African products to the Congolese market, as these products are much more affordable … More Shoprite

Hasson et Frères

There are three « Hasson et frères » groceries stores in Kinshasa. I go very often to the one which is placed in the round-about of Kitambo (Ngaliema). The other ones are in the center and near the airport. If I you need to buy basics European products at good price, I recommend you to go to this supermarket. … More Hasson et Frères