City Market Fried Chicken in Kinshasa (KFC?)

There is no Mc Donald’s, KFC, Pizza Hut… or whatsoever in Kinshasa. Not yet! But some “wonderful mind” had the great idea to fulfil the crave of fried chicken when launching City Market Fried Chicken. Fried-Chicken Sandwich Combo, Happy Meal, Dinner Combo… with a drink and warm chips, at reasonable price can be found in Kinshasa: … More City Market Fried Chicken in Kinshasa (KFC?)

Gekko´s Sushi

This was a real surprise for me: To learn that you can find Sushi in Kinshasa! Apparently, there are a few places where you can eat Sushi, but I had to start with one: Gekko´s Sushi Restaurant. Gekko´s is a Japanese, French, Fusion, Bistro with a large variety of dishes in its menu. This means that if … More Gekko´s Sushi

Le Mandarin

So, since we are in Kinshasa and we have the nounou on Fridays night to take care of our children, I told my husband to take me out for dinner ! And we went to Le Mandarin. Known as the best chinese restaurant in town, I have to say the the food we ate was really … More Le Mandarin